13 Jun


There are numerous ways that people do to deal with the challenges they’re facing and one way they do it is by stress eating. This challenge serves the ultimate purpose of numbing our nervous system and more often than not, create a distraction from the real problem.

Being able to know the causes of stress eating is actually a great start in pointing out how to battle with this disorder. Chronic apprehension might result to unhealthy or excess cravings. As a matter of fact, this is pretty normal and there are a number of professional as well as practical methods of helping you to control your urge of binge eating.

If you too are having the same problem with stress eating and would like to find a way on how to control it, then I highly suggest that you read the next lines according to www.notsalmon.com.

Tip number 1. Deal with it in a healthier way – there is a big tendency for people to cope with uncomfortable emotions by means of covering it up with unhealthy options. Rather than risking your wellness, consider the healthier ways of facing your emotions. There are so many things that you can do such as talking to your friend, be distracted by socializing with people, do your hobbies or anything that interests you.

Tip number 2. Relax and breathe – proper breathing is one simple and free way that you can do to fight stress. Breathe deeply and while doing so, remove other thoughts from your mind.  These relaxation techniques have been proven to lower a person’s stress level which leads to impulsive eating. There are basically many ways that this can be achieved such as meditation, massage, yoga or simply taking a hot and long bath.

Tip number 3. Just face your problems – basically, embracing the challenge or problem that you have is just enough to do it. Knowing how to identify what’s triggering you to binge eat is going to be helpful. Keeping a diary of foods you consume along with the reasons why you’re caught in such situation can help in putting an end to this problem. This is a great solution from notsalmon.com.

Tip number 4. Have a conscious and sensible eating habits – creating a balanced diet and enjoying your meals can give you total satisfaction. Aside from that, this is a good practice in keeping you fuller for longer.

Tip number 5. Indulge yourself in hearty foods – say for example that you are still having cravings, then it is not a problem if you give in. If you do so however, make it a point that you’re eating healthy foods.

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